Hi! My name is Kato. I opened Mr.Kato here in Chatan, Okinawa for you to enjoy American food casually in Japan. Yes, Mr.Kato is a place where you can feel free to enjoy your taste of home. That’s why we offer American-sized meal with great American taste. And Sushi Rolls, so much loved by Americans when I worked there, are also served.

A morning starts with delicious coffee. I’m confident to say our coffee is great. We also have orange juice. A morning plate comes with bacons, sausages, eggs, and pancakes or toasts. For the healthy minded, you can add fruits on pancakes. Or you can just eat hot-dog to make it light.

We strongly recommend 5 Sushi Rolls for lunch. California Roll, Rainbow Roll, Dragon Roll, Tuna Roll and Fried Shrimp Roll. My favorite is Dragon Roll. Of course, we have juicy hamburger with our proud 200g beef. We also have Roast Chicken. Once you eat, you can’t stop. Half or Whole chicken available. For pasta lovers, we have Spaghetti with Meatballs. Pancakes, Hot-dogs and Salad Plates are ready, too.

Dinner is the meal you’d like to take time and enjoy most in a day. So, we prepare full lineup of our menu. First, let’s toast with beer. Let me introduce our appetizers. Look at this voluminous prosciutto. Tacos, Green Soy Beans (Edamame), Shrimps, and Potatoes go well with alcohol. A Sushi Roll is also great as an appetizer.
Speaking of the dinner, don’t forget stakes. We have bulky 400g steak ready and rib eye steak. Chickens are tender and juicy. Try various sauces. For a fish dish, we have salmons. You can choose potatoes, spinach, or rice as a relish.
Of course, Hamburgers, Spaghetti with Meatballs and Sushi Rolls are there for you.

10 o’clock, after dinner time, the night is still young in Chatan. How about cocktails for today’s strain and tomorrow’s energy. Enjoy our wide selection of snacks.
I, Mr.Kato, am proud to serve our amazing dishes. I’d be very happy if you could enjoy our meals here in Chatan. Look forward to seeing you. Japanese people are absolutely welcome. Thank you.